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Kaz's Flying Service

Kaz's Flying Service, Ltd. of Lodi Wisconsin is owned by Jim Kazmierczak. Jim's father Richard started the business in the 1940's in South Milwaukee. At one time he had 13 Stearmans flying throughout the United States. Jim only needs two Piper Pawnees because agricultural aircraft are more efficient now.

After Richard's death in 1957 his brothers, George and Art took over the business. Jim and his brother Bob bought them out in 1995. Bob died in a crash fertilizing wheat in May of 2008, so now Jim continues to run the business.

Jim is very active in both local and national agricultural legislation issues. Jim takes pride in the fact that he goes far above what is required by law to protect our environment. Jim attends environmental group meetings to get a better understanding of their concerns and issues.

Jim is the type of guy that will go out of the way to help someone and ask nothing in return. Jim is a highly-trained professional who has made a very large investment in his business. Like most Americans, he is concerned with human health, the environment, and performing his job in a responsible manner. He has of thousands of hours of flying time under his belt.

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