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Why He Does It

World population is growing at the rate of 94 million people a year. By 2035 there will be nearly 9 billion people on earth. World food needs will triple, but land area suitable for farming is not increasing. To produce future food and fiber and leave room for wildlife we must increase production on the land we are now using. High-yield agriculture benefits the environment by producing maximum crop yields from a small amount of land.

Like the human body, all plants need proper nutrition and protection from diseases and pests to attain maximum growth. This is true regardless of the farming system. Without crop protection products to control insects, weeds, and diseases, crop yields per acre would drop dramatically. This would cause food prices to skyrocket, hunger to increase, and wildlife to suffer. More land would be needed for agriculture and that land would have to come from wildlife habitat, rain forests and fragile erosion-prone land and recreation areas.